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Stassen Campaign Buttons and Tab, ca. 1948-1956

Cornell University Political Americana Collection

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Collection: Cornell University Political Americana Collection

ID Number: 2214.BT0053

Title: Stassen Campaign Buttons and Tab, ca. 1948-1956

Date Made: ca. 1948-1956

Party: Republican

Election: 1948; 1952; 1956

Item Count: 9

Classification: Costume

Object Type: Buttons (Information artifacts); Tabs

Measurements: Mount: 11 x 8 1/2 in.; 27.94 x 21.59 cm

Materials & Techniques: Metal; Paper (Fiber product); Plastic; Die cutting

Notes: Item donor Susan H. Douglas dates most of these items to Harold Stassen's unsuccessful runs for the Republican Party Presidential nomination in 1948 and 1952. The "STASSEN / STOP / HARASSIN'" button appears to be an anti-Stassen piece; Susan Douglas dates this particular button to the 1956 campaign.

Subjects: Stassen, Harold Edward; Politics; Promotional materials; Symbols; Animals; Elephants; Republican Party; Officers (administrators); Stars; Eagles; Crosses; Veterans; Birds

Repository: Susan H. Douglas Political Americana Collection, #2214?Rare & Manuscript Collections?Cornell University Library?Cornell University

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Creator Biography: International

Role: Union

Creator Biography: 1900-1964

Creator Biography: American

Role: Manufacturer

Political Figures

Political Figure: Stassen, Harold Edward

Biography: American, 1907-2001

Relationship: Presidential Candidate

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